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You have one of 'those' websites

Long on jargon, small on font. Loads of technical or product information packed into it. You know it’s old-school and people don’t read all the brochures on there. They don’t even understand them. It’s time for a rewrite so your customers ‘get’ you.

You're overwhelmed

Blog posts. Tag lines. Headers. Product blurbs. Your about page. The story of your business. It’s all too much! You know you need a theme, a strategy to keep it all together and unify your content. I’ll help you unearth your key messages and communicate your key value.

Or one of these websites...

You wrote it all yourself. Or your neighbour did. It was a good start but it’s time to take things up a notch. You’re ready for an upgrade, for a professional writer who will help you connect with your audience and make an impact.

You're a consultant

You’re ready to go beyond your LinkedIn profile and build a personal brand that speaks to people. Professionalism is important, but so is being warm and approachable. You want people to respect your expertise but not be put off by it.

Grant writing is not your thing

In fact, it does your head in. Who has the time (or the desire, or the skills…) to wrangle with assessment criteria? To understand what the funders really want? If only there was someone – with a great success record – who could do it for you.

You're wasting time

People ask you all these questions about your service or product. You and your staff spend a lot of time answering them. Why not package that information into a guide or a how-to brochure? You could save time, use it to generate leads and drive traffic or print it out for giveaways at events and expos.

We engaged Penny and her team to review an R & D Application. Penny quickly developed an understanding of the technical background and transformed our application into a succinct, well-articulated report.

Penny’s work helped foundU receive over $500,000 in tax offsets. I would recommend her to anyone, regardless of the industry, and will be using her services again.

Michael Ott

Director, foundU

I highly recommend Penny’s services. Her creative and brilliant writing skills can tailor any topic to suit the audience or its intended purpose. Penny’s attention to detail is backed up by her extensive experience and knowledge, especially in the environmental and community fields. I am excited to be working with Penny to help achieve my business outcomes.

Pamela Royal

Director, Focus Network Australia

Penny has a way with words. She has a passion for communicating – both the big ideas and the just-as-important little ones. I am always in awe of her skill, enthusiasm and drive and have benefited from Penny’s editing skills and mentorship to make my own writing stronger and more vibrant.

If you or your organisation need to make your communications clearer, I cannot recommend Penny more highly.

Jennifer Barret

Professional writer

About Me

I work with people who create change. Companies that provide environmental services and products. Non-profits on a mission to forge strong communities. Businesses that innovate and educate.

I help them communicate clearly.

I translate specialist material for general audiences.

I get your message across.

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