Your website is your number one worker – it toils away, 24 hours a day, without sick pay or holidays. Give it the right tools to hit the bulls-eye.

Your customers don’t want to read long, run-on sentences.


Especially when those sentences are stuffed with industry jargon.

They just want to know how you can help them and what they need to do.

I write copy which does that.

As for marketing material, blog posts and social media? We all know there’s a sea of forgettable content online.

It sloshes around from one end of cyberspace to the other, polluting our brains.

It makes my eyes glaze over when I see it. Yours probably do too.

I don’t write that stuff.

I write well-researched, quality content that your customers will value and share. 

  • I’ll make sure your content is genuinely useful
  • is in line with your brand and tone
  • uses storytelling techniques that bring facts to life
  • contains information that genuinely serves your customers
  • is SEO keyword rich without being SEO keyword stuffed, and
  • isn’t overloaded with jargon and complexity.

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