eco-tourism and environmental communication


Eco-tourism, behaviour change and environmental communication

I’ve been fortunate enough to train with some of the world’s top behaviour change experts, especially in the field of environmental communication. That means doing research that identifies the barriers and benefits to certain behaviours, as well as uncovering the beliefs that lie behind them.

The next step is to craft messages that cause people to think. A well-designed campaign can use targeted messaging and actions to shift beliefs and behaviours. It’s a popular approach in the public health field.

I’ve used these skills in designing brochures, interpretive signage, educational material and presentations. It was also invaluable in my role as an educator and guide on eco-certified catchment tours in the dry tropics region of North Queensland.

My expertise

My expertise lies in water conservation and general sustainability behaviours, particularly at the household level.

If you’re looking for someone who understands this field and has experience in crafting content for tourism and environmental experiences, then I’d love to talk to you!