the giant

Bombax ceiba


The Challenge


Townsville is in the dry tropics, rainfall is inconsistent and water is usually scarce. Knowledge of drought-tolerant local plants isn’t widespread but there is an interest in growing locally-adapted native plants. Benefits from these indigenous plants include saving water and providing habitat for birds, animals and insects.

A corner of Anderson Park, a local botanic garden, was developed into a water-saving garden and water conservation area. The challenge was to bring visitors in and keep them there long enough to explore and learn about the garden’s features.

The Solution

A large bombax tree stands in the centre of the garden. The sustainability team decided to give the tree a ‘make-over’. The bombax was transformed into a friendly Giant and named ‘Billy Bombax’ after a naming competition was held with local school children.

I developed a four-part audio script that was loaded onto a recording device and accessed by push-button speakers throughout the garden. The script was spoken in a deep, slow, Giant’s voice and covered the need to look after our land, water and animals.


Thousands of listens and a much loved spot for local families.